Happy Thanksgiving?

Have a happy Thanksgiving….I wish I was back in my mothers apartment helping her cook for the holiday.

Today the residence is having a big Thanksgiving meal with turkey, stuffing, green beans, and cranberry sauce. We also get to have either pumpkin pie or apple pie. I’m going to pay my dollar and get in on the feastivies of a good catered meal.

Last year my holiday was spent at the shelter, and the cooks made ham, turkey, macaroni and cheese and green beans. Earlier in the day we had a brunch where the staff served the clients of the shelter which consisted of real waffles and sausage and real maple syrup, and also orange juice and coffee.

The shelter really tried to make things feastive for the woman who couldn’t go home to family or didn’t have any family.

Ruby ended up going with a client named Jennifer to her families thanks giving in long island and bringing back food. She ended up having two dinners one from her trip and one from the shelter and ended up eating her left over food as well. Ruby can eat alot.

I’m trying to enjoy my day but I can’t help but think what is my family doing today, is my mother cooking or are they going to her brother’s house in Queens. I wish I could be apart of everything. It truly isn’t a happy Thanksgiving for me. I will be in my unit eating alone.

Non the less have a happy Thanksgiving to my readers.