Student loan forgiveness program

My application was approved for student loan forgiveness program. Now I have one less thing to worry about.

I’m still waiting on my benefits to start back up. This was the problem I was afraid to face while moving. Now it’s up to social security when they are going to pay me because I’m no longer in the shelter.

Saint Francis is my payee, Which I rather like. I thought it would be problematic but it’s to prevent me from going broke. But as of right now I’m more concerned with having enough money to pay my cable bill. I have cash on hand for my cell phone bill and I just checked my snap benefits and I still get one more ebt deposit for food stamps. So I’m going to use them sparingly.

I have been moved in now 5 weeks, and I have to say I actually like the program that they have in place for the tenants. For the most part it’s independent living, but they have poetry on Mondays at 1pm in the lounge, which I sit in and listen. People take turns reading from poetry books from the mini library that they have in one of the studio rooms.

But since getting cable TV I have been cooped up in my unit. This week they didn’t have poetry because the woman Janet who mantains the group wasn’t in this week.

Every other Tuesday I see my psychiatrist. Now I’m just waiting for my health insurance to transfer over so I can see the doctor they have on staff so I can get a referral to a rhumtoligist, the dentist, and gyn. The last doctor I saw was at susans place, and when I turn 40 I have to get a mammogram which I’m not looking forward to.

But so far so good. Everything seems to be working out.