Even in the hotel…

I got busted with a lighter today. I got used to hiding my lighter in my bra as the shelter doesn’t allow you to carry a lighter with in the shelter, even in the hotel.

I thought I was being slick, so I was across the street from the hotel smoking my cigarette and I lite my ciggarette and put the lighter in my bra.

Unbeknownst to me I was being watched from the lobby window by one of the security guards… So when I got back into the building, I was wonded. He asked me if I had a lighter hidden. At first I acted like I didn’t hear him and I said no. He pointed with the wand to me breast area, and he said I saw you put something in there.

I had to turn in my lighter. So I basically learned my lesson today, I can’t even sneak and keep my lighter. When your guard is down you never know who’s watching.

I can’t wait until I’m out of this semi controlled living. I mean even though I’m in the process of quitting, I still don’t have the right to have a lighter on my person.

This actually the first time that I’ve been caught with a lighter. Oh well… What can I do? It is what is…