Today is my birthday…

Today I got my second stimulus check, so for my birthday I bought a couple of perfumes and some silver jewelry from Amazon prime.

I got unforgivable for woman by Sean John, anais, anais, and a new perfume I saw on the Wendy Williams show called boyfriend.

As far as silver jewelry I bought a necklace, a set of bangled, and three rings. One of the rings is a name ring which is being made for me with my name on it.

I was thinking of getting a new winter jacket but I decided against it.

For my birthday I’m just chillin and doing some laundry.

Some people wished me a happy birthday. But it’s nothing like having family around but that’s not the deal here.

My step father didn’t text me to wish me a happy birthday. That kind of broke my heart a little, but what can I say, I’m not part of the family anymore.

I’m not going to dwell though. I’m just going to do my laundry and celebrate alone.

Today is my daughters birthday…

So today my daughter turns 13. I wonder what the family is going to do to celebrate. She’s a teenager, and I’m not there to witness it.

This completely breaks my heart. I’m missing milestones in my daughters life. I wonder what she looks like now. The last time I saw her she was ten years old.

Three years has passed already. I’m filled with emotion today. I wish I could just see her and give her a big hug and let her know I’m proud of her.

But I can’t be anywhere near my children, which is killing me.

I wonder what she’s going to wear for her special day, now that she is a teen. I wonder is she wearing lipgloss yet, or if she’s gotten her period.

I just hope she gets everything that she wished for. I’m sure my mother will make it a special day.