Conclusion about Ruby…

So I spoke to Ruby the other day, and she said that social security will be sending her January check soon. They didn’t close her case.

I think she is hearing what she wants to hear. She said social security keeps sending her letters about a fair hearing, and she’s not going to call because there’s no reason to. But she forgets that she owes social security money, and calling will help keep her benefits.

She is still waiting for her new debit card to arrive in the mail. She lost her first debit card and had to call the bank to have a new one issued. It’s been well over the time since the bank sent the card issued to her new address. So she called SSI to see if her check had been issued and it was. So all she needs to do is receive her new debit card and everything will be ok for her.

But in conclusion she has to maintain herself alot better. Her case manager is issuing her a payee for the rent so they take it straight out of her payments. She also has to worry about a con Edison bill and then her cell phone.

Her food stamps haven’t been issued yet, and there’s no way to check because snap offices don’t answer the phone. Her daughter put through the application and they needed a copy of her lease and her state identification.

So Ruby have those documents to her daughter so she could send it into the snap office.

Unfortunately Ruby doesn’t know how to do these things herself so she has to rely on other people. She doesn’t even know how to use her debit card to pay her cellphone bill on the T-Mobile app or calling con Edison to give her debit card information.

I really think Ruby needs a home health aide which her case manager is going to get for her. She needs to adjust herself to living with out depending on people to do things for her.

Her case manager is also going to get her access a ride so she can get to appointments, but across a ride is hard to get approved for.

Despite the fact that she has her own apartment, I think that the shelter placed her in the wrong living situation. I think she should be in a living situation like mine. Where the program becomes your payee and they even maintain your snap benefits. In case you can’t make it to the store for your own food they serves breakfast and lunch.

I slowly see that there’s a decline in her living situation and hope she doesn’t need back in the shelter.

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