So Ruby…

It looks like Ruby is getting a handle on her benefits. Ssa is supposed to call her on Tuesday about her case being closed.

Meanwhile she has to wait 45 days for her food stamps to be replenished and she has no food or money to get to the pantry or a soup kitchen.

She told me her daughter isn’t going to come see her to help her with any money to get around, but her daughter sure will ask Ruby for money for miceslanious items.

I feel that Ruby will most likely end back in the shelter before the year is out, according to the way she spends money and all the problems she’s having with keeping her case open. It looks like Ruby is having a hard time maintaining.

She has alot against her when it comes to her benefits. She owes ssa because they where over paying her, and then they closed her case because they didn’t have an address for her.

I’m going to call her tomorrow to check in with her to find out what happened with social security.

I really don’t want to find out that they closed her case. That would be desasterous for Ruby who lives in codependent relationships. Her traveling skills aren’t up to par and she requires someone to escort her to her appointment’s.

Starting over for Ruby will be a great pain and she’s never worked a day in her life. She will definitely have a hardship.

I wish Ruby all the best of luck, hopefully things remain in her favor.

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