Ruby isn’t doing so well…

I spoke to Ruby today finally. Her SSI was cut off. She had to go to the ssa office on Friday to give her new address and they cut her SSI back on. But I think there’s more to that story.

She was only able to pay $140 of her $180 rent. She’s in section 8 supportive housing. She has to pay con Edison.

She got $1000 for her furniture budget from HRA, and instead of buying a bed she spent money on a grocery cart, and pots and pans for her kitchen. The rest of the money she spent on her daughter. The same thing with her stimulus check.

Her case manager told her that she could get into trouble because she doesn’t have a bed just an air mattress. If HRA does an investigation like a home visit to see that she bought a bed and furniture she could get into trouble. Im not sure what kind of trouble she can get into, but she didn’t spend the money correctly.

Her daughter is Leaching off of her, and I told Ruby that when the money stops so will her daughter. Her daughter believes it’s Ruby’s right to help her financially, and Ruby goes along with it.

Because she didn’t pay the full rent she may have a problem with management. I asked her why she didn’t pay the full amount, she said she didn’t have it.

Unfortunately I think Ruby is going to be back in the shelter given the fact that her benefits where cut off. She may receive one more check but that’s it.

Trying to get the full story out of her and not the parts that she heard is fustrating. But I can’t help her.

Everyone tells her not to give her daughter money, and she doesn’t listen. I hope Ruby works it out.

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