Today is my birthday…

Today I got my second stimulus check, so for my birthday I bought a couple of perfumes and some silver jewelry from Amazon prime.

I got unforgivable for woman by Sean John, anais, anais, and a new perfume I saw on the Wendy Williams show called boyfriend.

As far as silver jewelry I bought a necklace, a set of bangled, and three rings. One of the rings is a name ring which is being made for me with my name on it.

I was thinking of getting a new winter jacket but I decided against it.

For my birthday I’m just chillin and doing some laundry.

Some people wished me a happy birthday. But it’s nothing like having family around but that’s not the deal here.

My step father didn’t text me to wish me a happy birthday. That kind of broke my heart a little, but what can I say, I’m not part of the family anymore.

I’m not going to dwell though. I’m just going to do my laundry and celebrate alone.

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