I spent time with my crush…

I let him but me lunch at Popeyes and we are in the lounge. The last couple of days I’ve been hanging out with him in the lounge smoking cigarettes.

I’ve come to the realization that he is harmless, he just wants someone to listen to him talk and he is long winded.

He talk about DC universe, starwars, and startreck, things I have no interest in.

I basically just sit and listen to him talk passionately about these subjects smoked a few cigarettes he offered, and then went to my apartment.

But I’m not trying to make this a habit. I was bord and he kept asking me to spend time with him, so I decided to do just that.

It just doesn’t change my feeling about him although harmless his goal is to make me his girlfriend which is not going to happen.

He keeps saying once we get to know each other more maybe we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. I think it’s just a ploy because he’s a 51 year old virgin he wants to have intimacy. I cannot see myself with someone like him at all. But it was cool enough to break up sometime and listen to him talk.

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