Spoke to Ruby today…

Ruby called me from her new apartment. So far she just has an air mattress, she waiting for the furniture budget to come through so she can get a table and chairs, a bed, and possibly a dresser.

She’s not going to get her tv until next month, she going to set her self up with basic cable.

The building that she moved into a few clients from the shelter also live there. She said she likes the building and everything is working out for her.

Her daughter bought her a shopping cart so she can do her grocery shopping.

She ended up buying the things that she needed for her kitchen and stocked up on food.

She is just happy to be out of the shelter and the hotel. The shelter isnt a stressful environment but it’s nice to have freedom again.

We talked about the fight she had with another client who ended up getting transferred to her hotel from the hotel I was staying in. The girls name is Nelly.

Ruby and Nelly fought over the television in the cafeteria because Nelly didn’t want the channel changed from the ID network, Ruby was watching law and order. It started an argument which lead to a slap fight led on by Nelly. It got broken u by security and DHS. DHS ended up leaving law and order on because the problem was that Nelly had left the room when Ruby had asked security to change the channel.

Ruby talked about how she hated that Nelly was transferred to her hotel. Nelly ended up apologizing for the fight, but it still didn’t sit right with Ruby.

I’m glad things are working out for Ruby, but she still has to have a fair hearing about her over payment of her benefits. Which is what I’m going through now. Ssa has down that I’m not living alone, but I am. I have to wait for the fair hearing appointment time to come in the mail.

I’m sure Ruby will have everything worked out as she has a health care coordinator to help her with her business.

Maintaining SSI is no joke. Ssa will find any reason to make you pay back funds or garnish your payments and it is so hard to get approved. The wait time is almost six months to get an approval letter in the mail.

I remember when I got my approval notice in the mail, it was a Friday. That Monday I went to the ssa office to start getting paid. It was the longest two hours I had to have an ssa judge tell me that I may have needed an agency to pay me because they have down that I couldn’t manage my funds. Then I had to wait to speak to someone and go through a battery of questions to make sure I could maintain my benefits. Then I was approved.

A few days later I got a check in the mail for $745 and another $23 dollars from the state. Ruby went with me to cash the check at the check cashing place in Burnside ave. From there I went to MetroPCS and got my phone and tablet.

A week later I got my first lump sum of back pay. I spent money on my cell phone bill and bought clothes from Amazon and rainbows. I also put $1500 dollars away for when I move.

Ruby said when she got her back pay she was heavily into coke and spent most of her back pay partying and sniffing coke.

She’s been on ssi for 10 years now and she said she has nothing but problems. She said she wouldn’t know what to do if she ever lost her SSI. She’s never worked. I can barely keep a job. I totally feel the same way.

Ruby is also having another tooth pulled. She has gingervititis and her teeth aren’t too healthy. She said she had an abscess on her lower jaw and a tooth ache. Her daughter knows of a dentist in Harlem that will pull the tooth under sedation. So her daughter is going to make an appointment for her so they can go to the dentist.

She’s trying to get the decayed teeth pulled so she can get false teeth. She’s been working towards that goal since we where in the shelter. But she kept missing the dental appointments the clinic had for her because she didn’t want to skip a day going to her program.

I hope Ruby gets her false teeth so she doesn’t feel so self conscience. But all she is worried about is trying to find out when seamark pros opens back up so she can attend her program.

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