I still haven’t gotten my benefits…

The only thing I got paid was the state portion of my SSI. They gave me $23 dollars three times.

The benefits coordinator said I should be receiving the back log of the first months check and the rest goes to them in my account with them.

I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to survive with out any money. I have $500 in cash from my stimulus check, but I’m going to have to put money on my cell phone bill, and then I have $487 with my account with the money manager, but I have cable to pay. I don’t have food stamps anymore which the benefits coordinator is going to do an application for me. But I’m running low on funds and I still won’t get my actual benefits until February if things don’t switch over.

I just hope that things switch over soon, or I’m going to turn in my cable box until I get my benefits.

The benefits coordinator had until November 15th to put in for the change. They did everything before the 15th. Now it’s just up to ssa when I will be receiving my benefits.

Things will work out, my direct express account is still open. I want to be able to pay my rent which I’m a month behind, but they know the situation. If I get my benefits in February I’ll be three months behind in rent. But they already have things configured for me.

I wonder how Ruby is holding up. I still can’t get in contact with her. At lease I have some money on reserve. I’ll be damned if I have my phone shut off. Then I will have to end up with a new number. It’s cheaper to pay a couple of months upfront. This is what I was telling Ruby to do, but she really doesn’t want to run low on money or fear she won’t be able to to give her daughter money.

I just hope Ruby is getting everything that she needs. Three months is a long time to go with out income especially when you have habits like smoking.

Well hopefully things will work out very soon for the both of us.

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