Still can’t get in contact with Ruby….

I call Ruby at least twice a day, it just rings until voicemail picks up. I don’t bother leaving her a voicemail because I know she doesn’t know how to check it.

It’s so fustrating trying to get in contact with someone who doesn’t know how to use a cell phone.

I would text her but she doesn’t know how to retrieve the messages. I feel like my time with knowing Ruby is almost over as her cell phone isn’t going to get paid for the next month.

I really just want to find out if she was able to get welfare and if she has to wait to move loosing the apartment that the housing specialist found for her.

Most likey she lost the apartment because of the three month hiatus with SSI. They really didn’t plan accordingly around her benefits schedule.

I wonder where they are going to place her next. If I don’t get in contact with her, I wish her well and hope that things work out for her. She was eager to leave the shelter and start her life outside the restrictions of the shelter life.

I just hope that she doesn’t over extend herself with her daughter and granddaughter with giving them money.

Ruby has another problem with her benefits, ssa told her that she was getting over paid and she has to pay it back.

When I first met Ruby she was getting $597 a month in SSI benefits. Then it jumped to $700. Now she getting paid $806 a month. I don’t know how they could have over paid her for a year and some time but she has to pay it back.

If they start giving her the original amount of $597 she’s not going to be able to substatain her own apartment, they may place her in a shared apartment or a room which is cheaper then an apartment. But I don’t know if she’s working with a citypheps voucher or an hra2010e. I think she’s working with a citypheps voucher which is worse because after five years if it doesn’t rejuvenate in the system because of lack of funds from the state she’s going to be back in the shelter.

I really don’t want to loose contact with Ruby, but she doesn’t plan accordingly. Now she has a cellphone plan that will most likey go into collections. She has my number but she doesn’t know how to transfer numbers into a new device.

I feel like time is ticking on our friendship. Maybe it’s not meant to stay in contact with her given all the problems she has with staying in contact and being able to pay her cell phone bill. She would have been better off with just an assurence wireless phone but that comes with responsibility as well, because you have to recertify every 8 months or the phone gets cut off.

Nothing is permenant when it comes to Ruby unfortunately. I think she will most likey end up back in the shelter in a few years as I don’t think she can maintain living alone.

Her world revolves around smoking cigarettes and payday. Her daughter should be taking money from her and saving it for Ruby instead of using it for the things she claims she needs.

Now Ruby is going to be a great grandmother again because her daughter’s oldest child is pregnant which means they are going to hit her up for money for diapers like her grandson did.

I feel bad for Ruby, because she doesn’t have the knowledge on her own to say no she can’t afford to support everyone.

I hope Ruby is able to climb out of the debt she’s accumulated so she can find a place to live.

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