Rachel again…

Yesterday I wished Rachel a happy Thanksgiving. She is so proned to complaining.

She hates that she’s not working and living in the shelter. She claims someone snuck into her room at the hotel and broke her charger, the same charger she bought off of me. She has an assurance wireless phone.

She asked me if I had another charger, I told her even if I did I wasn’t going to travel out of my way to give it to her, she would have to break down and buy a charger at the corner store up the block from the hotel.

Then she said she is running low on body spray and lotion and everyone is spraying Victoria secrets around her she feels like a bum because she hasn’t gotten her Victoria secrets.

As many times as I offered to go with her when I was at the hotel she declined because she was never feeling well. But she would want me to spend my money and buy it for her which I didn’t.

Rachel has too many issues that one person can’t deal with. She really needs to be under psychatric care and be on a mood stabilizer. I think she’s bipolar or has some form of ptsd.

She always has a complaint, from not feeling well to agoraphobia. I don’t know how she is going to be able to with stand working. She has a serious problem. She has to find a way out of her current issues with agoraphobia in order to get into the work force. Her problem is that she wants everyone to like her so she spends her food stamps buying random woman in the hotel food on her food stamps then complains that people are talking about he because she is poorly dressed. Most of her clothes came from the shelter.

I don’t know what she’s going to do once everything goes back to normal and they are back in the shelter. She has to substain a program for work force and the job center in order to continue collecting welfare. She’s already been in the shelter for a year, and hasn’t completed the program she was actively in because the pandemic happened.

She was transferred from the stadium shelter by Yankee stadium. If she doesn’t comply they may transfer her to the susans place in the city.

I really feel that Rachel will be stuck in the shelter system just getting transferred from one shelter to another. All she’s accostomed to is minium wage jobs. It would be easier for her to have a health profile and try to get on ssi.

She was in a program for construction where she would be making $12 dollars an hour. While at the hotel she’s on monster and indeed in her assurence wireless phone applying for jobs. Mecca, one of the coordinators has jobs posted on the ground floor by the office, I told Rachel to apply for one of them. She said she doesn’t want to work in the Bronx where most of the jobs are located. I told her something is better then nothing.

All she’s relying on is if she gets a stimulus check to hold her over until she finds a job. I told her she may not get a stimulus check. The second one is no garentee.

I hope Rachel can pull it together and find a way out of the shelter.

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