Trying to contact Ruby…

I’ve been trying to contact Ruby. I wanted to find out what happened with her moving into her new place or if she has to stay in the shelter for another three to four months.

I hope everything is ok with her, as she is in the hiatus with her SSI. I wonder if she was able to get welfare or if she has to pay back the last 6 months of $110 every two weeks.

I heard from Rachel last night but I was sleeping when the text came through. I got it this morning. She is concerned about the second stimulus check. She still hasn’t found a job is relying on the stimulus check to pull her through although she’s been getting welfare.

I think once they are back in the shelter and things go back to normal, they are going to put Rachel in a vocational program to help her find a job. I think she got to comfortable living in the shelter and relying on welfare to put a couple of bucks in her pocket, even though she was in a program for construction before the pandemic hit. Then she wasn’t able to go anymore. But I really feel like she’s gotten too comfortable with being given three meals a day and having food stamps.

Same thing with Ruby who when she’s in the hiatus with SSI, really lucked out with getting $110 every two weeks. If one benefit doesn’t compansate another one will.

But I still would like to know how Ruby is holding up with no income as she is an avid smoker of cigarettes and I know no one at the hotel she’s staying at is going to contribute to her chain smoking adding to her cpod. I still worry about Ruby and hope she cuts down on smoking. I wish she heard her ring tone on her new phone so I can speak to her. For someone that isn’t into technology she has now 4 new numbers since meeting her. I just hope that her phone doesn’t get cut off but it’s the inevitable as she probably doesn’t have the money to pay the bill.

I unfortunately don’t have her Obama phone number, which most likey got cut off as well because she probably hasn’t been able to recertify the account.

Anyways I hope Ruby is ok, and I wish Rachel all the best.

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