I reached out to my stepfather…

I reached out to my stepfather this morning by email. I explained that I didn’t want to call from random numbers so I waited until I was more stable before contacting him.

I let him know the duration of me being in Susans place which is a micha shelter, and now living at St. Francis resendency.

I asked him to tell my mother that I’m sorry for everything that happened and the things I said, and I hope that my two children are healthy and thriving.

Most likey when he has a spare moment he will write back and let me know how everyone is doing.

I let him know that I was able to get my benefits back and I’m paying rent for an SRO and that I’m happy to just be back in the city and not in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

It was bothering me that I hadn’t even tried to contact him although I thought about it. It’s time that I have a line of communication open between someone in my family.

Hopefully I hear back from him today.

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