Ruby isn’t moving…

I heard from Ruby. Unfortunately she is unable to move into her new place because she is in the three month hitatus with social security, so for 5hree months out of the 9 month pay period because she is still residing at the shelter, she will not be recieving her benefits.

She has no money saved towards her move, and is relying on the one shot deal for her first months rent and furniture budget if she can get it approved. I was told that one shot deal doesn’t cover first months rent, I was denied over the phone.

So for the next three months Ruby will be a client still of Susans place. I told her once she starts getting her income again to save some money, not to spend all of it, just in case something happens, but I know that what I said to her fell on deaf ears because she has a codependent relationship with her daughter who always asks her mother for money on her fixed income, and Ruby feels obligated out of guilt because she didn’t raise her children she put them in foster care.

So in a way she compensating for lost time with her daughter. She really feels that it’s her Devine right to financially help her daughter even though everyone around her tells her to stop giving her daughter money, that’s the only reason why her daughter comes around, especially towards the first of the month when SSI is deposited on her bank card.

For three months Ruby’s phone will be shut off because she opted to get a plan instead of staying prepaid on MetroPCS. Alot of her money is going to go towards paying off her cell phone, I worry about Ruby alot. I wonder who talked her into getting a plan in her situation.

Anyways I hope that in the next three months she will be able to obtain a place to live again, but it seems like she has fallen into the pattern of the social security hiatus. It’s going to take another six months for the housing team to find her a place to live again, and she falls short of saving money. She is completely relient on the welfare system to fill in the gaps when she isn’t getting paid from social security.

I don’t know how she was able to get welfare to pay her $110 every two weeks for the last 6 months, when it’s suppose to be $22.50. welfare over paid her, and she is going to have to pay it back. Her situation is a mess.

She is in the process of applying for welfare with Ms. Smith the coordinator for HRA. Ms. Smith told Ruby that she most likey won’t get anything in compensation because of the error. So Ruby will be in dire restraints when it comes to having any income. She may not even be able to get snap(food stamps).

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