I heard from Ruby…

Ruby called me this morning. She was a little upset because she didn’t get her direct deposit from ssa. Unfortunately because she is still in the shelter, she is only getting paid six month out of the 9 month pay period.

I was facing the same doomedum, but the case managers at my residence where able to switch over everything before the 15. So this month I will have my income to myself, and then the following months my money will be going into they payee account that use to maintain my funds, and give me money every day.

Ruby said she is supposed to be moving on the 15th of this month, and she already signed the lease to her place. She’s supposed to get a move in budget from HRA to help with the expense of furniture. She was wondering if she could use the money she gets from one shot deal to pay her first months rent, but I told her she would still have to worry about the next two months and her cell phone bill. She literally has no money left from last month.

Shes afraid that she will have to stay in the shelter system for the next four months.

I’m lucky that the directors of the residence where able to move me out and take care of my benefits for me.

But I feel bad for Ruby, she was so looking forward to moving out the shelter. She’s still at the hotel the Ramada inn in the Bronx.

Hopefully she will be able to have her case manager at her residence work with her about her benefits.

She also said that ssa sent her notification that they over paid her, and she can file for an appeal if she feels that they are mistaken, which means when she will start to get her benefits back ssa will deduct an amount every month until the over payment is paid off.

These are just some of the things that happened when you live off a government income. There are many rules to that system. It definitely sucks that while living in the shelter you only get paid six months of the money month pay period. But they figure you have no bills and aren’t paying rent. All of your basic needs are being met.

I hope Ruby can pull it together for the next few months. Hopefully I will be hearing from her again before her phone shuts off.

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