I’m kind of thinking that I will join Nami, which is a support group for people with psychotic disorders.

I am ready to start socializing with in my own community and make friends who have similar problems and have gone through similar situations.

There is a Nami group not to far away from where I live but it’s on the west side.

I’m going to have to work my way through some of my issues with my psychiatrist first, as I am experiencing anxiety when I go outside.

Once I get myself together, I just may join Nami so I can make some friends. I am trying to use social media like tagged and hi 5 but they are dating sites and unfortunately I really have too much luck on finding just a friend. If I put that I’m looking for woman, people think I’m a lesbian.

It will be nice to get out and be with people within my own community and who are my age.

I’m dying to find a friend that I could discuss the show power, or the upcoming series making the band, and talk celebrities and music. I want someone I can discuss fashion with and just be able to meet up for coffee and talk.

One of the problems I am now realizing about myself is that I am a recluse because of my mental health, but I still want to converse with someone.

Abdul just gives me one word answers, and we lack things in common. He’s a sports fan, and I am not. He doesn’t really have much to say about anything, which is adding to my lonesomeness.

I think Nami is going to be a door opener for me.

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