Lunch consisted of…

So I ended up having lunch. I got it for free because I’m new to the residencey. I was supposed to get it yesterday but I wasn’t hungry.

Today they had chicken noodle soup or tomato soup, grilled cheese, and a slice of red velvet cake.

I had grilled cheese and a slice of cake.

The food reminds me of the shelter food. It’s nothing spectacular, it’s just food. But now I don’t have to worry about trying to get out to find something to eat, even though I have some food already.

The food at susans place was freshly cooked and minimally seasoned. It wasn’t too bland but it was eatable. I kind of miss pork chop night. They served chicken in different styles throughout the week. There was always two choices for dinner whether it be liver or chicken. Once every so often we got meat loaf.

But the lunch at the at the residence reminds me of the shelter. Not the cooking but the selections.

Yesterday they had either chicken or pork chops with mashed potatoes for lunch.

I think I’m going to settle on having breakfast sometimes and lunch if it’s what I want to eat… But I can also have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my apartment.

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