Today I have an appointment with Ashland. Ashland is one of the directors of the building.

She is going to be helping me order my television. I gave another $500 for my refrigerator and microwave, and the $700 was to cover the rest of my rent for the month which most likey will be reimbursed once my one shot deal goes through.

They are expensing me $14 dollars a day right now which is fine with me. The rest of the money from the $700 is in savings for my day to day living.

The money manager wants me to wait on ordering the air-conditioner. She said my rent will go up $10 once it’s placed in my unit. And when they order it,it is just going to be sitting there until it’s installed. So they basically have a time frame for everything. I thought that I would just get everything out of the way. But they have a system, so I’m just going to roll with the punches.

I won’t be getting my refrigerator and microwave until Tuesday of next week, which is fine.

I was able to buy a plastic caddy with three draws. I put it on top of my nightstand across the way from my bed where my dresser is.

Yesterday I bought some minimal dry food to put in it. I bought peanut butter, grape jelly, and strawberry jam. 5 sardines cans, and three cans of tuna. I was able to get a can opener at target. I also bought four tuna and cracker snack packs.

I’m not a big eater, but these things will help me get through the next couple of days. In the evening around ten pm is when I start to get a little peckish. Last night I made myself a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

I took a trip to CVS, and also got a manicure yesterday. At CVS is I bought the rest of my remedies for if and when I come down with a cold.

I did end up buying a 20 pack of hangers from target even though the maintenance supervisor said he will be giving me some. I just wanted to hang up my things, but I will be utilizing the hangers he gives me.

Today I was up at 4am. I fell asleep at 7pm last night. I was exhausted. I ended up staying in my bed until about 6am and then got myself together so I could get a cup of coffee.

The neighborhood is so nice. I’m glad I’m not in the Bronx. It’s been a relief.

I haven’t gotten the opportunity to venture out past midnight yet, but I plan on doing so.

I have pretty much walked from Lexington to second ave where target is. There are so many restaurants around and pubs around.

I’m going to walk to Park Ave today to see what’s over in the direction.

For the most part, besides getting used to a new place to live, I haven’t had any problems or issues. Everyone is nice and keeps to themselves.

The directors and staff are nice and forward. Medication is given out at from 10:30 to 11:45 am. After you take your meds you are given your daily spending money.

They pretty much watch you take your medication which isn’t a big issue for me. I pretty much have been taking my medication, after I had a three month laps with being able to take the shot.

I’m taking my time on decorating, because I am expensing myself with the rest of the money I have on hand.

I still want two rugs from target, and a accent chair. But I don’t want to get the chair until my refrigerator is placed. I may not have enough room. Either way, it has been nice thus far.

I’m facing the back of the building, so I don’t have alot of outside noise, it has been very peaceful.

I’m still stuck on the fact that I am living alone and independently. It has been a little bit of a learning curve for me as I am used to buying food for three people.

The last year and a half getting snap for myself, isn’t the same as when your your living alone. In the shelter you can’t keep food and pretty much have to consume what you have purchased right then and there. There was a table designated for outside food for of you needed to keep what you where eating until later, but of you don’t eat it by 9pm it’s thrown away.

And of course when your living with people you are sharing food, so now I pretty much have food to myself.

I know I will be ok with $194 a month in food stamps. I pretty much was able to maintain myself this far. It just kind of sucks that I can’t cook a full meal. So for dinners I’m going to be getting microwaveable dinners, and pasta bowls, as well as packets of oatmeal, rice cereal, and yogart.

I can’t wait until I officially have a tv and have cable installed. It’s not that Im missing any shows but I just want to feel placed.

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