A brand new feeling.

After my dinner, which costed me all of $3.00 for two slices of pizza and a soda, I took a shower. I feel 100% better as I wasn’t really able to shower at the hotel. I was finally able to wash and condition my hair.

I pretty much have been sitting in my underwear and a t shirt under my new black comforter. I have been watching a different world on Amazon video on my tablet and basically adjusting.

Im a little paranoid because of the environment I was in for the last two years, that I feel like someone is about to knock on my door to check on me.

I literally am trying to calm down from the whole ordeal, that I threw on my jeans, threw on my boots and denim jacket and went to the corner store on 25th and Lexington for a few snacks and a couple of beverages.

I’m elated to see that right around the corner from my building there is a Starbucks. So I have options when it comes to what kind of coffee I want in the morning. I can get coffee from the corner store or treat myself to a Starbucks coffee.

Coming back to my building, I almost got ready to open my bag for it to be inspected, then I realized that there was no security at the door. I can actually walk into the building and go to the elevator and just…. Go home.

Taking a shower was an experience as there was no different kinds of music playing from random shower stalls. No one talking, no arguments. It was quiet and peaceful.

Although there was no time limit in the showers in the shelter, you kind of always wanted to just get in and get out.

I wore my brand new robe to the bathroom and carried my caddy for my shampoo,conditioner, wash cloth and body scrub. I was able to get out of the shower with not having to deal with a wet floor and the possibility of prying eyes as I towel off. The feeling is brand new to me.

I feel like it’s going to take me a while to actually adjust to living alone and just not being restricted in any sense of the word.

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