My first night…

My first night sleeping was great. It feels Soo good to be able to open the window. I slept with the window open all night. These little things people take for granted.

When I was living with my mother I always had to worry about the climate of the room I shared with my daughter, as I didn’t want her to get to cold while sleeping. But now that I’m on my own it’s not a worry that I have to live with.

In the summer in the shelter, the control of the windows was up to the resident director, so even though it was hot if someone or too many people complained about the window being open they would have maintenance shut the window. There where four windows in my dorm and only two opened half way.

The same with air-conditioning which was climate controlled through out the building. The whole shelter was room temperature, not to cold and not to hot. I can’t wait to be able to control the temperature of my own air.

When I was living with my mother because she had to pay for electricity we barely used the air-conditioning.

I feel bad saying this, but I’m happy electricity is included in my rent. I have problems with the heat, I remember one summer I broke out into a heat rash.

I slept like a log last night. My bed is very comfortable. The hotel bed was hard, and the shelter bed is a cot mattress so it wasn’t very comfortable either.

My new mattress is firm but soft. I was able to sleep without any interuption. I woke up forgetting that I had moved. I felt displaced for a few seconds.

I got myself together and went to starbucks just to do it. It’s really not even my favorite restaurant.

I was able to get breakfast, which for my first day breakfast and lunch are free for me. They had bacon and eggs as well a cereal, a cup of juice and coffee. It was nothing spectacular.

Overall, I’m adjusting to having freedom this far…

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