My four walls and a door….

I’m am moved in… The maintenance helped bring my things to my unit… I hate calling it a room.

I pretty much unpacked everything that I could. I have things to hang up, and they “ran out of hangers.” I couldn’t believe it, they even give you hangers. One less thing to buy at target.

I ended up handing in the $41 dollar money order and not $700 but $800 as I cashed my money orders and added an extra $100. They are going to order my microwave and refrigerator on Thursday, as well as my television. It will be delivered in 24 hours. The tv may take a little longer, but things are moving along.

I also handed in my medication and I have to get my meds from 10am-11:45am and my allowance for the day.

When I went to the post office, which is less then a block away, I found a dollar pizza joint, so I’m going to get pizza for dinner.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with a guy named Steven who will be handling my benefits.

They also are transferring my health insurance. I’m going to have fedelis and my primary care physician is on site. I can get referrals for a rhumtoligist. Sometime tomorrow or Thursday I will be meeting with my new psychiatrist and she will be determined if I will be seeing her once a week or every two weeks. I really don’t mind that at all, as I don’t have to worry about traveling to a psychiatrist.

My psychiatrist at the shelter was only available on Mondays… Now there’s some flexibility in my appointments.

From what I see thus far of the neighborhood, which isn’t shabby, it is very nice. It’s clean and safe. It’s going to take me some time to get used to because I never really ventured to the east side when I was living on the upper west side. But I’m in a prime location, in an old brownstone building.

Everything is very good. I’m actually content with everything. Unfortunately Abdul can’t come to my unit because the building manager told me that we tenants aren’t allowed visitors until covid is over. But he is still helping me tomorrow get the things I need for my space.

I felt like I was in isolation at the hotel. I feel a little bit more free now that I am situated. I can come and go as please and not have to be subjected to getting scanned by the wand and random bag searches.

I lit a cigarette in my unit… Now I don’t have to go outside to smoke. The residency even has a lounge area where you can smoke and socialize with other tenants.

From what I saw so far, there is no one my age in the building. I am the youngest tenant which doesn’t really matter to me. Everyone is friendly and seems to be very happy with the building.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to try and make it to breakfast and pay my 50 cents, I’m even going to try lunch if I can.

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