Moving day!

I was up at 5am this morning. My room was hotter then hell because the building put on the furnace, and even though I have the air-conditioner on, sweat poured off my body. It was a restless sleep.

I was supposed to call Ms. Smith last night to remind her about my money order. She wanted me to remind her to put it in with my hra application for the one shot deal. She is going this morning to hra to put the application through and we need proof that I can pay the remaining balance of $41 dollars to my apartment. She will be giving me the money order when she sees me later today.

But I ended up sending her a text at midnight with apologies for not calling sooner. She was up and text me back.

It’s on schedule now that Ms. Smith will be driving me and my 8 plastic pack bags, two travel bags, and my two suitcases to my new location.

Ms. Bowie from housing will be also escorting my move as she will be helping me bring my things to my unit. That is part of her job.

This morning I got three more plastic pack bags, but only ended up using two to lighten the bags that’s I previously packed. The bags can’t be too heavy because the housing specialist isn’t required to help move my things if the bags are too heavy.

I want everything to be an easy transition from the car to my unit so I spend out my belongings and also packed my blanket.

I am sitting on the bed of the hotel and I still can’t believe this is happening. To be honest I am somewhat relieved that I won’t be living in the hotel anymore. I am also relieved that I won’t have to deal with the locker I had back at the shelter.

If I had to go back to the shelter, I really don’t know how I was going to be able to fit the clothes I purchased. I most likely would have done the same thing and donated my old clothes and put most of my things in my suitcase.

My closet in my unit is really deep and spacious… So I know I will be able to hang my clothes up and also utilize the dresser.

It’s been 6 months since we have been in the hotel. I literally bought a wardrobe. I choose things that I could basically wear year round, but it would have been a nightmare if I had to put everything away in the locker.

Today starts the new chapter of my life. Once I’m settled I know that I will have to meet with the money manger about my benefits as they will be my payee. They just make a phone call to ssa and transfer the responsibility over. Then they will also open my snap case case. I will also be turning in the 30 days worth of medication to the nurse and giving my $700 for deposit to pay for my refrigerator and microwave.

I know that they also will be starting me with a treatment plan for my mental health.

After everything is said and done, besides going to the post office to cash my money orders, I’m going to spend the majority of my day putting what I can away and making my bed with my black fitted sheets and black comforter.

I have a place to call home. It’s mine and my place only. It is exciting, but scary at the same time.

I think back to when I first got in the system and where I am now…. I’ve come a long way.

Racheal reached out to me last night and said that she will miss me, and good luck. She also asked me her retorical question of if I knocked on her door.

I responded back and polietly let her know that I once again didn’t knock on her door and confirmed that I was infact moving.

I don’t expect to have her as a visitor as she has one too many issues and will have an excuse why she can’t get on the train.

I also spoke to another woman named Yvonne, who ended up leaving the shelter before the pandemic hit. She’s from Arkansas, and she was starting her life in new York, having picked up left Arkansas, she said that she knew that new York would always be her home.

Unfortunately she couldn’t wait for system to work in her favor, and she found a room not to far away from Jerome ave and moved out.

She only lived in the room two months, before she moved back out and tried to get back into susans place but there where no beds available. They told her what shelter in the Bronx had availability, and then the pandemic hit, and she ended up at the comfort inn, in downtown Manhattan on 34th Street.

She never put any of her SSI aside, as she really didn’t cooperate with social services. Her obligations with her income laid with sending her daughter and her daughter’s 5 children money by ways of wester Union every month. Before that, her daughter had actually been holding her direct express card. (Direct express is a prepaid card from ssa so you can get paid your benefits instead of getting a paper check. You can also open a bank account for direct deposit.)

When her daughter finally sent back her direct express card, Yvonne was working off the books as a cleaning lady. When the job was over, then she signed up with handy pros and was traveling to clean in homes privately.

With handy pros, you have to have your own cleaning supplies, and she would take jobs by way of app. I told her to be careful with all of that, because if ssa catches you working they will start to reduce your income.

From the comfort inn, she decided that it would be in her best interest and go back home to Arkansas. So now she’s in little rock Arkansas, and on December 31st she will be moving to Washington DC.

I like Yvonne, but I think she really think that she didn’t really try to work with social services. She ended up moving out of the room she was renting because she could keep up with rent which was a little over $700 dollars. I told her that her voucher would have covered 60% of her rent if she would have just stuck with the program. But it wasn’t going fast enough for her.

She was also lying and saying she was working basically not disclosing that she had income with ssa. So it became a dead bolt situation. She basically used the shelter for a place to stay, so she could help her daughter financially with her benefits.

She didn’t make but so much money as a cleaning lady, and once all of that catches up, she will most likely loose her benefits.

But non the less, she was happy for me and my move and we will be staying in contact as much as possible, but she is a little flakey when it comes to communication.

I didnt really ask her what was in Washington DC, but she explained that she isn’t afraid to move. I wish her the best of luck on her journey, as I thought that new York city would be her home.

I let the guards know that I will be bringing my things from my room at around 11:30am.

Its my time now….

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