My one shot deal…

So I got a call from Ms. Smith who handles HRA, social security, and birth certificates. They need me to bring my social security card, my EBT card, a residency letter which I was able to get from a case manager, and a copy of my last award letter to start the process of the one shot deal.

The driver is going to be giving me an application that I have to fill out towards the process. The application should go through in a couple of days for my first months rent.

Like this is actually going down, it’s happening. The van is going to pick me up at 11 from the hotel. It takes less then a half hour from the hotel to the shelter. They want me to pack my things first before my appointment. I will be seeing Ms. Smith and Ms. Bowie to give them the documents I have and getting my money orders.

I can leave my things in the waiting area with the guard once I have my appointment, and then it’s back to the hotel.

I’m going to be leaving something’s behind for donations. But I’m pretty much set. When I get back to the hotel I’m going to repack everything I have to consolidate the plastic pack up bags.

I decided that I’m going to go to the check cashing place around the hotel to cash my money orders so I can spend my time tomorrow putting what clothes I can away in my dresser. I need hangers for my closet so alot of things will still be in plastic until Wednesday.

Everyone as far as staff is concerned is really happy for me and that I was able to get approved for the st.franis living arrangement. I was told that I was a very good client which for the most part I think I was also.

I basically kept to myself and just followed the rules as best as possible. I really didn’t want to get into any type of altercation with anyone or adjust to trying to make friends, although I made friends with Ruby. There’s also Rachel who ended up in the same hotel as me. But she has issues and I had my own internal problem with her and the way she addressed me. I really feel she is suffering with an undignosed mental health issue.

She’s been applying for jobs on her assurence wireless phone and has had no luck although they have posted jobs on the wall on the hotel by the lobby. I told her that she should be treated for what she calls arthritis and if she thinks she has diabetes she should be having some type of treatment for it.

When we first got to the hotel, she said she was up for a job, they wanted to hire her and she declined the job. So she is in her room all day.

I have taken a couple of trips to Columbia circle, 42nd Street, and 125th street and offered for her to come with me. But she rather stay in her room and continplate on jobs. Shes very much reclused to the privacy of her quarters and has gotten comfortable.

She feels people are talking about her and the clothes that she wears which are basically from donations from the shelter. Something’s she was able to get like t shirts with her welfare. But she is feeling down about herself as she also has an open acs case and her children live with her parents.

She thus far has gotten a stimulus check and spent money on laundry detergent, lotion, shampoo and conditioner and cigarettes. I know because she made me take the walk with her to a check cashing on 96th and Amsterdam from the hotel because she was afraid to walk alone.

Either way after a couple of texting arguments on the gossip she said she heard that she assumes I said, I kind of told her that I really didn’t want to talk to her anymore. I have explained so many times that I really do not talk to these woman in the shelter and I would appreciate it if she wouldn’t reference to the things she hears because I honestly feel she is an instigator of arguments. I do not know how many times I have explained that I’m not engaged with socializing with the woman of the shelter… It falls on deaf ears when it comes to Rachel. I just feel like I’m always explaining myself to her.

I wish her well and hope she finds a job and makes enough money to get an apartment.

I think its going to be that much harder for her because she is unemployed and where ever she gets a job hopefully she will be able to get her own close to where she works as she has a problem traveling alone long distances.

As for Ruby, I have called a few times to let her know that I am infact moving. But the calls ring out and go to voicemail and she hasn’t called me back.

Hopefully she’s doing ok, and her own move is successful and she gets the support she needs as her diagnosis is bipolar disorder and depression. She also has diabetes, food, and asthma and she’s a chain smoker.

Alot of woman are still waiting for housing but a few have moved since being in the hotel. So the shelter is working regardless of the pandemic. Pushing papers and faxing and basically doing their case load. It’s a business that does not stop. They are like a well oiled machine when it comes to the whole process of moving. Especially if they find you a place they are on top of everything.

I just hope that my one shot is approved successfully and the transition is smooth with transferring my benefits to st. Francis’s payee account.

Am having a small issues which I had to call ssp. Ssp is the $23 dollars the state gives as part of your SSI payment. They said my living arrangement is single and I have down that I live with people. So I called and let them know that I completely agree with ssa I do infact live alone. In order to keep my next months benefits in tact for the next month I had to make an appointment to speak to an ssa judge to explain that I do in fact live alone. Unfortunately when I received the application from the state I put down that I live with other people because I thought they mean the shelter. But it’s goes by expense as a single person.

So I will be coming back to the hotel in a few days to get not one but two letters from ssp about keeping my benefits the same for the month of November and the second is for my date and time for my phone interview with the judge.

If they over paid because I live with someone they will make me pay it back. So SSI goes accordingly, basically deducting an amount of money from my income until it’s paid off.

When I was living with my mother I was told that if she wrote a letter on my behalf stating that I paid utilities I would get the full amount as I was only awarded $427 a month. She wrote the letter and I was given the full amount of $735. Now I’m getting $806 a month in total.

When I move it will increase by $87 dollars because I will be paying rent. So with a daily allowance I really should be ok.

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