My application for the one shot deal if completely filled with the help of Ms. Bowie and ms.smith. I have my acceptance letter for my new place. I am currently waiting as I write this for Ms. Smith to drive me to the check cashing place a few blocks away from the shelter so I can get a money order to cover the difference of Novembers rent. My rent is $257, HRA will be coving $215 of the amount.

The shelter gave me an a pillow, wash clothes and a towel for my departure from the shelter. Ms.Bowie was able to find Black curtains for me, as I had told her I pretty much want everything black with hints of purple and red.

I ended up with three bags of garage, and ended up throwing out my dirty panties that I had in my laundry bag. I already bought new underwear during the course of 5 months. It’s not going to be missed.

I also donated the two coats and some clothes and a pair of sneakers. Unfortunately I had purchased the sneakers on Amazon and they where too small. My locker really didn’t hold alot. It was just to get me by. I have bought all new clothes from Amazon and rainbows shops.

So tomorrow Ms. Bowie will have my linens and the suitcase they gave me with my stuff in it, in the van. She will be escorting me to my unit and helping me bring my stuff from the van.

As I write this I was saving as draft, and I wasn’t able to cash the money orders because they are postal money orders and I was told I have to go to the post office to cash them.

So tomorrow after everything is said and done I will be going to the post office.

I was able to get the $41 dollar money order to cover the rest of my rent. I had money on me. So I’m pretty much on go…

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