As a disable person in system…

Although I don’t like that I’m on a government assisted program… I have to say that if done correctly, the system does work for you.

Every situation is different of course, but for low income and disabled individuals the system is designed for you to be able to live a little bit more comfortable then poverty.

Every program within the welfare system is geared towards finding gainful employment if you aren’t recieving benefits, even food stamps.

You can’t just apply for snap and not have some type of income, they will make you go to the job center with getting assistance for a job.

There are ways around having to go to the job center and alot of people state that they are getting paid off he books and write a letter stating that they are getting paid a poverty stricken income just so that they don’t have to go to job center.

I know because I learned that trick myself when someone told me about it. I only did the job center one time when my son was a toddler. They mad me take an assessment test to see how far developed I was accidentally. I never was able to find a job, and when I went to one of my case mangement appointments I ended up striking up a conversation with a woman who told me what to. The only reason why she didn’t do it herself was because she was seeking a full welfare case and was challenging for child support.

I pretty much learned to fuck the system on my behalf and used it to my advantage. If you don’t have a paystub to show how much you get paid bi weekly, they don’t have people to spend time fact checking documents if your working off the books. So I forged a letter saying that I was babysitting and I was getting paid $100 a week so I could find employment on my own terms. I pretty much did that every six months until I was deemed disabled and I had a case manager come visit me once a week to make sure that I was taking my medication and to help me get the things that I need. It was her who told me to apply for SSI.

My first time I was denied, and I had to challenge it and was given a date and time to go to court.

I brought a letter from my psychologist and my case manager was my witness. With in a week I was awarded SSI. But from the time I was denied until I went to court, took a year.

Now having to go through the whole welfare process again and having to be deemed disabled by their terms through we care and getting my benefits back, I really have to say that the system really works in your favor especially if your recieving benefits.

I can only imagine how the process must be for someone who lives alone in the shelter and has to find a way to get to the mandated appointments and hitting the pavement to go to job interviews which some of the woman in the shelter are going through.

The we care process is hard enough if they don’t find you disabled… That’s really the only thing that will grant you the right to claim the 22.50 every two weeks until you get your benefits. But even if they seem you disabled you have to have medical proof of your disablity and they review your medical history.

You still have to meet with every so often while you go through the SSI process.

If your not disabled you have to still meet with we care for job placement as they have their own system for trying to find employment.

But non the less the system does work, you just have to go through it.

I would have never been able to find a place to live with two children and just $735 a month although I tried. But I would not have been able to live to be honest, it doesn’t matter what voucher program I would have gotten excepted for. The cost of living is very high anywhere.

My rent is going to be $260 a month which they consider affordable housing… But it comes with a package. I have to maintain my benefits by actually be seen taking my medication and going to on site intesive psychiatric treatment.

It’s nice that electricity is encluded but my income is meant to take care of just me, not raise two children.

I wonder how people who work for the same amount in income mantain with out a program in place. Renting a room is not cost effective because rooms are still about $700 dollars a month in buildings with no elevators.

I’m lucky that my residency has an elevator. Unfortunately the bridge only had apartments in walk ups. They even asked me how many flights can I climb comfortably.

I feel fortunate….

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