Gearing up…

I’m looking forward to going to the shelter tomorrow to retrieve the rest of my items.

I am counting down the hours until Tuesday… The closer I get to the day, I grow a little bit more content and excited to be in my own quarters.

I made a list on the target app for the things I’m going to be getting to start off in my unit.

I really don’t need much, but things like cough medicine and Tylenol to out in my medicine cabinet are on my list.

I won’t have to worry about toliet paper because it comes with the building, but things like napkins and paper towel are something that I’m going to be getting in Lui of some other bulk items like tooth brushes and tooth paste.

I may end up taking two trips to target because I may have enough space by the window to get a accent chair.

I will also be getting two rugs in red, as I want accents of red and purple to go along with my black motif.

Besides my fridge and microwave which will be paid for on Tuesday, in the next week or two I will be getting my television and having cable installed.

I’m going to wait on the air-conditioner, but it’s nice to know that I will be able to have one.

Apon my research I found out that besides the grocery store, I can use my EBT card on Amazon prime pantry and order groceries.

I will be getting a plastic container with three draws to store food which I will be putting on top of the night stand. I will be able to store my few plates, bowel, single knives, spoons and forks, as well as dry food.

I basically have my mind made up of how I’m going to utilize my space as I took a video of my unit on my second interview just so I can keep an idea of the space.

I will be going to target on Wednesday with Abdul. He will be helping me bring the things that I buy back to my unit.

He is very excited for me. He has basically been with me through this whole process.

He has Decided to change jobs from being a ticket vendor for the double decker buses in midtown to driving for Uber. He is in the process of getting his driver’s license. Unfortunately due to the pandemic he hasn’t been able to work, I have no idea how he has been able to manage. I told him he must have saved up alot of money from working. He said he doesn’t use government assistance because he is living in the United States on a working visa. He’s from Africa and has been living in the south brown, not too far away from the shelter, for the last 7 years.

He is such a helpful person, I’m glad that I met him even though in the beginning he basically forced the issue of meeting and showed up outside the shelter and texted me to meet him outside.

That very day he took me shopping at the thrift store across the street from the shelter and bought me $120 dollars worth of clothes to help me out. Even though the sweat pants where tight and so where the t shirts, it still helped me out in the beginning stages of my process. The shelter had also let me rummage through a couple of bags of donated cloths and I was able to get a pair of black stretch jeans. They where high water, but I was happy to have them.

In the winter he met me in front of the thrift shop and bought me a coat for $20. He also bought me a pair of sneakers and a three bras from his Amazon account. He was going to buy me a comforter from the thrift store but I declined as someone from my dorm ended buying herself a new blanket and gave me her old one.

He also got me 2 deodorants and a large container of Cocoa butter, and decided that he would give me $20 dollars a week to help me. It added to the $22.50 bi weekly. He basically put a few dollars in my pocket. It wasn’t consistent although he tried. It was basically every two weeks, but with that I was able to buy two pair of pants from rainbows on Burnside ave.

I didn’t ask him to do these things for me, he just decided once meeting me that he would extend himself, even giving me $40 dollars when I had to see the ssa doctors for emergency purposes like if I had to take a cab or get something to eat.

He’s not intrusive, but we have developed a friendship and I appreciate him.

When I get my tv hes going to hook me up with a jail broken fire stick. I’m going to use my phone’s hotspot for it, because I’m not going to exceed a certain amount of money to get WiFi with my cable plan.

But he is very excited for my transition and tells me that he is proud of me for being patient with my whole shelter journey.

I’m glad that he was persistent in trying to meet me, but I still don’t know much about him and he doesn’t know that much about me.

We pretty much talk everyday, he texts me and checks in to see how I’m doing, he even came to meet me at the hotel a few times and see sat across the street in front of central park and talked. He tells me that he likes my progression, and I have built some conference since meeting me.

But I was not in a good place when I fist met him. I was coming down out of a psychotic episode and I was uncomfortable with myself because the clothes I had didn’t really fit. Even the sneakers I was able to get from my dorm mate where two sizes too big.

Since getting my benefits back I have been able to buy spring/summer,fall/winter clothes and two pair of sneakers. I also scouted Amazon for human hair wigs which was an investment as well as my laptop. But I was able to save $700 in cash through these months and put $400 on my account with metro pcs.

But he said he likes that my confidence has grown. I told him it’s because I’m comfortable with myself again because I have been able to get the things that I need. I invested in the wigs because my natural hair is thinning because I have alopecia due to the rehumatoid arthritis. I wouldn’t say my confidence has grown, I still feel a certain way about myself but I don’t tell him.

I also bought underwear and a few more bras as well because I only had 10 pair and 6 of them are men’s underwear that I bought for a $1 at the thrift store. They had a mixed $1 basket and I was able to by tidy whities. So within the last few months it’s been basically uphauling a wardrobe.

One of the staff members who is also plus size ended up giving a gap coat which is warmer then the coat that Abdul bought me.

So I really don’t have much to pack as most of the clothes I have in my locker I will be donating to the shelter.

I have a coat and a jacket that I had gotten off the donation table that I will be donating back. I had gotten it before meeting Abdul when it was still summer time. I grabbed them because I was preparing for the fall/winter.

So now I have everything I need, and I’m gearing up for the next chapter of my life.

I anticipate spending no more then $300 dollars give or take, in the couple trips I’m going to make to target.

It’s nice that I don’t have to do it alone. Abdul offered to help me carry everything back, so I’m greatful.

I see myself spending more time with him now that I won’t be restricted with a curfew. Like I really want to go and play pool and just get out a little to feel normal I will be doing it with Abdul, if we can work around his prayer schedule. He’s Muslim, which for me is a little bit of conflict of interest. He has to go to mosqu three times a day. He doesn’t eat pork because of his religion, and he’s not a big beef eater either. But there are things that are comforting about Abdul which doesn’t stop me from remaining friends with him.

It definitely will be nice though to be able to have someone come and see me.

It will be nice to have a refrigerator with foods I like. The only thing that I am going to have to get used to is the idea that I can’t cook a meal for myself. But I can’t complain really.

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