Since living in the shelter… For me, I noticed that 2pm to 5pm is the longest part of the day. I don’t know if it’s me and my mental health or if it’s like that in general, but I have a hard time with these three hours of the day.

The time seems to move so slowly. Before having to live in the hotel, when 2pm rolled around, I would have a sense of restlessness. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Usually after I eat lunch I would go to AWOL and sit at the table and look put the window and just basically conform an hour before I would go back and sit in the living room and watch the Id channel which was what was usually on the television, or I would use my Obama phone and watch videos on YouTube. Then around 2pm I would go back into the cafeteria and get a cup of water and watch TV in there or do my word search.

As I write this, it’s 2:32pm in the hotel and it’s pretty much the same feeling. The day moves slow.

I pretty much have already packed up my things that I have aquired in the last 5 months. I have sent my laundry out today so I won’t have much laundry when I move. I still have laundry in my locker so I will be taking care of that when I move.

But there just something about the hours of 2pm to 5 pm that drag for me. I hope that this habit doesn’t follow me when I’m situated.

I think it’s because of the environment. It’s not home. I do infact have a television in my room but there’s only two Chanel’s. I have recently cut off my HBO max and Netflix subscriptions. I only have Amazon prime which I was able to get for $5.99 with their discount because I have a Medicaid card. I decided to keep Amazon because I have alot more options as far as the movies I want to see.

I remember sitting in the cafeteria waiting until Ruby would come back from her program, and we would have dinner together.

After dinner I would usually get ready for bed and try to get comfortable on bed and just wait out the four hours until bed check.

Around 2pm most of the woman in the shelter I notice do seem to also be in a haste and trying to find ways to keep themselves busy. If it’s not for a few people arguing about the television channel it’s about who’s next to use the microwave.

I also notice that alot of the day for most of the woman is spent eating because there is nothing else to do so they eat out boredom.

It’s the same case at the hotel. Now that we have our own microwave and mini fidges alot of woman take full advantage and have stocked up snacks and drinks, even though we aren’t allowed to keep more then a day’s worth of food in our refrigerators.

But 2pm is the hardest time for me. I think it’s also my mental health. Hopefully I will be able to find things to do once I’m settled.

I really want to get involved in some kind of volunteer work to keep active. Like I would love to volunteer time around animals to keep my mind off my own problems.

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