The countdown begins….

I have three days left in the shelter system… On Monday I will be going to the shelter to retrieve the rest of my belongings by van request and they will be bringing me back to the hotel.

Tuesday I move… My case manager is finding out if I can get a one shot deal from HRA to cover my first months rent.

It’s been an experience that I definitely will not miss. To regain some of my freedom is a surreal feeling.

I will not miss the three fire drills a month, one in the middle of the night. I definitely will not miss trying to find a place to sit during the day or having to wake up at 6 am when the lights come on.

I will not miss the fact the day is scheduled around eating three meals a day… I will be able to fend for myself a little bit.

I am feeling all different types of emotions as I grow closer to my move date. It’s been an eye opening experience in general learning the process of the shelter system.

I’m thankful that I was placed in one of the better shelters I really appreciate the fact that I had a roof over my head and bed which is the most important thing. I’m also greatful that I was infact giving three meals a day. It beats being in the street.

Although there’s alot that I won’t miss, I’m greatful that the system worked on my behalf. I was able to get the things that I needed. The place that I’m moving into isn’t bad I really have no complaints. I was lucky enough to be able to get the location that I wanted which is Manhattan.

The area is so nice and free of the ghetto/good environment like the south Bronx. There are restaurants and drug stores around and I’m not too far away from a target where I will be getting something’s for my unit.

It’s close to the train which is a great thing. So I really am very content with how everything turned out.

Once I move I’m going to take my time and get the things to make my unit home. Although I really dont have but one or two people to share my moment with, I’m going to enjoy the actual process of having my own which is what I never had. I miss my two kids dearly, and think about them every day… But for my mental health issues it’s better that I establish myself as an single organizm.

I’m literally starting life as a single person. All I have is me. It’s depressing, which is what I’m working through with my psychiatrist.

The nice thing about the residency is that there are internists and nurses as well a three psychiatrists on staff, so I don’t have to go looking for a doctor’s. Nyu dental care isnt that far away either. I’m basically going to have the support that I need to maintain myself and my psychiatric needs.

I’m going to just throw myself into trying to live as one and decorate my lil “mini studio” as I like to call it.

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