Moving in…

Today I had my second interview for St.francis residence… I was approved… I will be moving in next Tuesday. I will be located in the gramacy area of Manhattan between park and Lexington Ave and 24th Street.

I was able to view my space/unit… And for the most part it’s not bad. I get a twin size bed, a dresser and night stand, a deep closet and storage space on the top. I also have a medicine cabinet with a mirror.

I already purchased my twin size fitted sheets from Amazon prime a comforter and pillow sheets. I want everything in black… With purple and red throw pillows. I even want black curtins if I can find it.

I am able to order a mini fridge and a microwave for my unit through their outside vendor…so they are ordering it for me and I will be giving them the money on Tuesday when I move in.

The money I have in escrow I’m going to be cash and get my throw pillows at target. There’s a target not to far away from where I will be living. I’m also going to stock up on tolietries like pads, tooth paste, and a couple of tooth brushes. If I find a nice rug that goes with the scheme of what I have Invisioned I will definitely pick one up as well.

They are going to also help me order my TV which is nice… The rest of the money I’m going to put in savings, and eventually have them order me a air-conditioner but that will come later… I’m not pressed for one as of now because it’s going to be winter soon.

But for the most part it’s a nice unit… I was definitely afraid that I wouldn’t find a place to live, but I’m thankful to be moving into a community designated for people like myself who have mental health issues.

Everyone at st.francis seems to be happy in the building… It’s like a little community. So all I have to do is make it feel like home.

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