Update October 1st

Today I went to a residency called saint Francis. It’s permenant supportive housing for the mentally disabled.

I got my first glimpse of and SRO. It’s looks like I’m going to be moving in the later part of November around Thanksgiving.

I can’t say I’m really that excited but it definitely will be different the living in the shelter and the hotel.

It’s affordable housing so my rent would be $260 a month and don’t have to worry about an electric bill.

The supportive housing takes care of your benefits. So I will most likely get about $14 dollars a day from the benefits coordinator. They maintain your benefits and snap case.

They serve breakfast for 50 cents and lunch is a dollar. I can put a microwave and mini fridge in my room or a hot plate. I would get two dressers and a closet as well as a twin size bed.

There’s also a psychiatrist on staff so I wouldn’t have to travel far for my psych appointments. The staff administers my medication daily.

They account for the bills that I may have like my cell phone and or cable bill and give me the money out of my funds. They take the rent out of my deposit from SSI.

I was pretty impressed with what I saw. The only thing that I don’t like is that I would have to share one of four bathroom between 6 other tenants on my floor. But it’s kind of like how it is in the shelter except the bathroom is private.

I can have visitors and over night guests and there’s no curfew, which will be a nice change of pace as curfew in the shelter is 10 pm.

It was a eye opening experience to view where I may be living and different from the what was explained about the bridge which is also supportive housing. Only at the bridge you have your own kitchen and bathroom. But the wait was 3-6 months and the locations where Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

Saint Francis is in Manhattan only. One building is on west 18th Street, and the second is on 23rd and Lexington. The third on on 22nd and 8th in the Chelsea area which is where I went to visit today.

For the most part everyone looked happy and not disgruntled.

There’s even a smoking room off the lobby area and you can also smoke in your room.

But I’m well on my way of quitting smoking to conserve money.

That’s pretty much it. I kind of don’t mind the residency too much because it’s in Manhattan which is my first choice in permanent shelter.

I wish I could share my life with my children and my family. I find myself extremely depressed even though my psychiatrist added zolft to my haldol medication and switched from the shot to the pill.

I for the most part am looking for reasons to smile, but I can’t find anything that really makes me happy. All I have are the memories of being with my children.

Having a mental health issue is daunting and scary. I wouldn’t wish mental health on my worse enemy. I feel like I’m being punished for being human. My flaw is schitophenia.

I have been writing and working my way through a story I created which I plan to turn into series and find a literary agent and get published. But it’s just a dream I have.

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