Scattered housing

So I was approved for the graduate program with the bridge which means I will have a unit to myself, a bathroom and a kitchenette.

I’m on the waiting list for 3-6 months. Which means any time from now until February I will still be in the shelter waiting for the next course in completing my housing schedule.

I will have a case manager once a week come visit me and an apartment check once every 2 months.

I can’t say I’m excited but this is my life now… Case management and inspecting to make sure I don’t have illegal contriband.

And I’m still worried about my future in debt. I’m trying to get student loan forgiveness for the time being. But my credit debt is sky high.

I qualify for nothing as an employee I can’t even get a letter of recommendation from my previous employer. I literally have to pave the way myself and see where my feet land. I have much on my plate to worry about…

But at least I’m approved for my own unit, I won’t have to share space with someone.

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