While in quartine

I took some time off from blogging, but I’m back. I found out I’m eligible for supportive housing. Supportive housing is where you have a case manager that comes to you directly to your apartment. Most likely I will have a kitchenette.

The apartment comes already furnished with a twin size bed and most likely a table and a chair.

I’ve been doing my research and I will probably get cable TV at 89.99 a month no premium channels. I will have to pay for electricity and gas as well.

I can’t say that I’m excited, as I don’t have my family to share my progress with… But I’m definitely happy that soon I will be out of the shelter. I will have to maintain on my own like finding the snap office and social security office and the DMV to update my address.

I have recently put myself on a budget and I am going to stop smoking cigarettes. I got spoiled with buying my cigarettes with my EBT card, but now on my next recertification I’m going to save up my snap benefits and cash assistance.

In the last two months I have purchased the things I need while staying in the hotel. I now have summer and winter clothes. I will be able to pay for my Amazon prime account which for me is 5.99. you get a discount if you have an ebt card is Medicaid. And I’m paying for HBO max. I will be able to take care of my cell phone bill for the 3 months that I will be in hiatus with social security.

I haven’t really done anything but took care of myself while being in the hotel and tried to find out about supportive housing on YouTube. There’s no videos with people in supportive housing but there are videos about people who have started in path shelter in the Bronx, as well as people who are documenting their journey through the shelter system. It’s interesting to watch the lives of individuals trying to make it through the system and working with citypheps voucher program.

There’s been no word on when we will be returning to the shelter as of yet. But on Monday I will be going by van request back to the shelter to the psychiatrist for my haldol shot. Going to grab my tablet from my locker since I will be at the shelter.

In the last two months three months I have been able to get my things together with getting clothes. I’m going to pack some things in my suitcase when I get back to the shelter. I have a few things to donate to the donations table as well.

I was able to get my human hair wigs so I don’t have to worry about paying to get my hair braided every month. I was able to get clothes from rainbows and Amazon and even got two pairs of sneakers.

I should be out of the shelter by January hopefully…. And it’s the beginning of a new journey… indepence from the shelter system.

Abdul is going to help me get my apartment together. He said he’s going to buy my tv for me.

It’s been a year and 8 months now that I’ve been in the shelter. I have a phone, tablet, and laptop.

I have 1500 dollars saved in money orders to get the things I need for my apartment. I’m going to save some more and get things little by little for my space.

I will be eligible for heap which is a benefit for electricity and gas which is applied to my electricity bill.

I’m going to save up my food stamps so I have money to put food in my apartment as that will be the most important thing to do first, that and tolietries like toliet paper.

I am starting to except my fate with having to be on my own. I miss my family every day, and think of them constantly.

I still really haven’t made any friends at the shelter except for Ruby and now Rachel.

My life is so much different now. It’s been two years since I’ve last seen my family. Time has progressed quickly.

I can say I’m not the same as I was… And I’m knocking on 40 years old in January. I’m going to have to find my place wherever I’m placed. Thank God for Google maps.

My situation could be alot worse. I could still be out on the street. I am determined to live a semi normal life with having a case manager for the rest of my life.

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