SSI is minimum wages. It’s $7.25 an hour full time if you where working with out taxes. It’s paid once a month on the first of the month, not every two weeks.

Woman get excited when they get a direct deposit from SSA. But in no means can anyone survive off SSI income. You really have to budget yourself accordingly.

When I got backpay all I was thinking was I have to withdraw money from the atm and be hit with a surcharge of $2.50 per deduction from my direct express card. I’m loosing money. But it took two days for me to withdawl $1500 dollars.

I spent the rest paying my cell bill and buying clothes for myself. I literally had nothing. Abdul was kind enough to take me to the thrift store across the street from the shelter to buy me some clothes, but they barely fit. I was uncomfortable in the clothes I had in my locker.

Now I have clothes to wear, but that doesn’t stop my feelings of depression or my feelings of guilt. It’s nice to have been awarded SSI now I don’t have to really sorry about a source of income but I still have to worry about where am I going to live future tense.

It’s nice to have a phone and tablet but I’m just living day to day and waiting to be excepted someplace. It’s not even someplace affordable or someplace safe. It’s someplace on $781 a month. There’s no more cola increases which was every year a $25 dollar increase on ssi.

I’m saddened by the way my life has turned out, but at most I have a roof over my head, I don’t have to sleep in the train station or in a bank vestibule. I don’t have to take hand outs for food anymore or get money from strangers. Even though I was full blown psychotic I was aware of my surroundings.

There’s nothing like having ssi. It’s like a cushion to being on welfare.

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