Shelter savings plan

60% of your income has to be set aside every month. It doesn’t matter of your working or receiving SSI.

Welfare isn’t a source of income. You have all your needs met if you play your cards right. Down to detergent and fabric softener for your clothes, everything you need is at your neck and call.

Alot of woman spend money on detergent and fabric softener sheets for their lockers. Things that don’t really need to be bought.

Outside food is being brought in because the menu does in fact get montonotous. But I’ll be damned if I run out of money now more then ever.

The shelter savings plan is a good idea for when you do move you have a cushion to fall back on. A few woman who really don’t have furniture in storage or other options don’t complain about putting money away for moving day. You have to finance yourself so getting a bed is priority, that new renters are told to buy air mattresses for their new apartment when they get approved.

I just feel as though I’m never going to get a chance to furnish an apartment. I’m going to end up in furnished room in a group home, or be a product of my environment. I’m really not going to be living off $781 a month it’s more like $320 a month for six months. Then there’s a three month hiatus.

I can’t just buy whatever I want for six months, I literally have to think about paying my cell phone bill for 3 months in advance once my 6 months are up which is why I’m cutting down and quitting cigarettes. Cigarettes are an added expense.

I also have to have money on my card for one streaming app not 4 or 5. I spoiled myself a little. I was giving myself the option of changing channels.

All shelters have a savings plan in place, because with SSI you can’t have more then $2000 dollars at any given time unless they specifically direct deposit you.

So far with my income profile I’m up to $1500 dollars in savings. Ruby has nothing. Her case manager doesn’t make her get a money order. Most of Ruby’s money goes towards cigarettes, buying panties, and shopping. Her locker is filled to the gills with clothes and perfume that she has a laundry bag filled with clean clothes by her bed. She runs out of money quickly because she also let’s Fenisha borrow money from her.

I now live on a stipend for mental health issues, and although it’s not enough to buy my way out of debt it’s money in my pocket it’s indepence from having to live on $45 a month, and saving up for a pair of pants. In the next five months I plan on having enough money to cover myself for the three month hiatus. I don’t want to loose the number I do have with metro PCS. Like what happened to Ruby when she couldn’t pay her bill she had to reactivate her phone with a brand new number. It costed her $60 dollars and now her bill is $70 dollars a month from her $45 dollars. And she says my bill is too much, I didn’t tell her I used to pay $500 a month. I should have just kept a metro PCS phone and conserved my energy. But I had to keep up with the jones. I had to have an iPhone. I had to have a service plan. I learned my lesson big time.

I could have easily went to sprint and gotten a prepaid phone but I would be paying alot more.

I like the phone that I purchased and the tablet for reading. I have insurance on my account just in case something happens I only pay $50 dollars for a new device. Sprint didn’t offer that.

The shelter saving plan is a way to teach the clients how to conserve money for the month, I don’t think alot of women realize that when they are buying detergent and keeping it in their lockers.

The unscented generic detergent is just fine with me. It’s hypoallergenic not that I have any allergies but it’s a hard rinse and gets my clothes clean.

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