Community meetings

Community meeting are held once a month in the cafeteria. It’s a way for the clients of the shelter to voice their concerns about the property or staff. Complain about imperfections like the on going problems in the bathroom. It’s an open forum for the woman to confront each other with out having to be face to face.

The concern is always how unclean the bathrooms are during the day, and who keeps leaving toilet paper on the floor. The many compliments of why is someone leaving dirty maxi pads in the stalls and the ceral pooper of the shower stalls.

There are announcements made for the month and to keep an eye out for flyers being posted about up and coming events. It’s Ms. Mecca’s job to find excurricular actives outside the shelter. Like free tickets to the Appolo theater or a off Broadway play which happens rarely, but it’s her job to see to it that there’s something different to see outside the shelter, and something different to do with having Zumba classes twice a week, don’t forget to take advantage of anger management.

The meeting lasts about 15 minutes. Nothing is ever done about the growing monds of toilet paper being wasted on the floor. There’s no body being reprimanded for leaving exposed cotex in the bathroom stall. And the ceral pooper hasn’t been found.

There is someone so disgusted by living in the shelter that descrate the showers. Which to me is just the icing on the cake for someone to take the time out of taking a shower and shit in the stall.

Or an unflushed toliet with shit floating in it. Woman in groups can be down right deplorable. But it’s not the staffs responsibly to remind clients to flush the toilet and wash their hands.

The director of social services, Ms. Turner is the one to conduct community meetings while Ms. Mecca keeps note of off topic requests.

At least there is community meetings where someone who is disgruntled learns about how distasteful their actions are, whether they are there or not.

I make it a point not to ruffle any feathers. I use the bathroom accordingly and wash my hands. I try not to spend too much time in the showers because I don’t want anyone with a self rightous oppnion to say anything to me.

I don’t take chances with trying to smoke in the bathroom. The only thing I do do is keep my lighter on me, tucking it in my bra because trying to get a lighter from security is like trying to pull teeth. There is never any lighters when you can freely go outside to smoke. The woman hoard them, and trying to bum a light is hard enough.

The shelter keeps on top of the community meetings, and is sure to have one once a month to make sure there’s a common ground for 200 woman at any given time. There’s usually 45 to 50 woman who crowd into the cafeteria for the monthly meeting. There’s always someone traslating in Spanish for those who speak Spanish.

This is life now. No more trying to finagle my SSI into a cell phone bill that has over charges and paying off retail credit. If I’m not trying to find something to do or find a place to sit down I can look forward to a community meeting.

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