Pay day

A small majority of the women get ssd in the shelter which means SSA can’t touch their money. They get a consistent paycheck once a month for 12 months.

Those women get about $1200 a month in disability benefits, and buy their own food even with putting 60% of their income in savings. The average income for SSI is $800.

I’ll be damned if I spent money on outside food. I don’t want to go broke. By the third week, no one has any money even on ssd, and alsot of the women scrap up loose change for looseys and clip cigarettes.

Nails have gotten wrapped and always on the first of the month the shelter is like a ghost town, everyone has left for the day to go shopping on fordam road.

A few woman smoke weed, so they buy their weed and smoke in the little park up the block from the shelter. They used to cop a corner of the building in one of the security exits and smoke but the cameras cought them so DHS asked them to please leave the premises with the weed.

Only a few woman are on pension plans where they get $1500 a month. SSD and pension your eligible for new York housing connect. SSI recipients are eligible for supportive housing,shared rooms, or room rentals.

It’s nice to be getting an income. I really had to bust my ass and wait for 5months for a determination but one lump sum is better then $45 dollars a month.

Since being in quarantine, for the next 3 months my next payday my money will most likely sit on the benefit card. I want to have something to give Ingrid for savings.

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