Living in a shelter

The change was difficult to adjust to. From being able to get up on your own, and have your own space, to living in semi private quarters, the adjustment period is short. You get used to the 6:30am roll call every morning, and the public rest room to brush your teeth. The showers are private though. Not like at Franklyn where the cold showers where public with no shower curtin or door to close.

The showers have a showers have a shower curtin and a door. They have a chair inside the showers so you can put your clothes and towel on it. Theres no exceeded time for the showers, most woman take about 15 minutes in the shower, and wear robs to go to their dorm to get dressed. I get dressed in the bathroom. But Ruby gave me a button down night gown that I have resorted to wearing when I get out the shower. I put on my panties and my bra, and carry my dirty clothes in a tote bag to my dorm. I feel its easier to wear the night gown so I can lotion my legs and arms while sitting on my bed.

I always feel kind of exposed though. Theres no privacy, but its not like anybody is watching. Its all woman we have the same thing in common, breasts and a pussy. Some woman stand naked while getting dressed at their locker. I dont have the balls to do that.

Woman can be nasty, as there is someone who takes a shit in the shower stalls. Even though maintenance keeps the bathrooms clean, there is someone disgusted enough to shit in the stall they used.

On a few occasions I have had to clean up a sanitary napkin left behind in the shower drain, or long clumps of hair in the rusting drain. They clean the shower curtains once every two weeks in the laundry room, which adds to the hustle and bustle of laundry day. There are only 4 machines, sometimes maintenance will send out the shower curtains by an outside vendor to get bleached with the towels.

Its been a year since being in the shelter, and Im still not used to not having any privacy. There is always someone around. If its not your dorm mate its the person across from you. There is always someone to visually look at. I feel like Im going to be a product of my enviornment and be stuck in the shelter system.

We will see what happens with the income profile and interview process for supportive housing.

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