DHS and security

The Department of Homeless Services or DHS. I live with a detective on site. They have taser guns and batons. Wearing their badges proudly they mandate the medal detectors, and have their own office. They break up fights, and control AWOL. They are to monitor the exit and the security camera’s. The security is allied universal which is a large security firm. DHS are cops.

When I first arrived at Susans place I was a little intimated by the fact that I now would be living with cops at the front door. They are are on rotating shift 24 hours a day.

Your not allowed to leave the shelter before 6:30 am, and you have to be back by 9pm. I see DHS everyday when I leave the building to smoke a cigarette. Then I have to have my bag inspected by the medal detector every time I come back into the building by DHS, or security.

There’s security everywhere I go in the Susans place building. It’s like shit has hit the fan, where’s my freedom?

It doesn’t stop the ladies of Susans place from arguing or having temper trantums. It’s not home training, it’s the environment in which we live crowded 200 woman in a one story building. We are not to be trusted. There is no contriband allowed in the building which means lighters, glass bottles, scissors , and anything flammable like nail polish remover and airesol cans.

We are on camera or subjected to random locker inspection at any given time to make sure there’s no food in your locker.

There’s very little theft that goes on. I have yet to hear that someone got kicked out for stealing. The building is too small. There’s no where to go if you do steal. I don’t know how anyone can have their phone stolen but it has happened, and DHS can’t do anything about it. They don’t rewind the cameras for stolen phones. It’s for security purposes.

DHS knows all the clients in the building as well. Detective Cottle is the nicest of DHS. But don’t get on his bad side. I’ve seen him handcuff a client and put her in the DHS office for disturbance.

Just another day in the shelter.

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