The lottery- housing opportunities

Andrew cuomo is who we,the homeless have to get in contact with for more housing opportunities and increasing rents. The homeless are oppressed. There are 76,000 homeless people in shelters in New York city.

We are not applicable for all new housing dwellings being built around the city.

I’d be just be happy if I could rent. I’m not complaining that I can’t get into a rent controlled apartment. I’m looking at supportive housing opportunities and group homes,those are probably my choices.

It’s slim pickings for those who qualify for an affordable apartment. Sometimes it’s in a new building with an an elevator but most women get moved to five story walk ups in the ghetto or rooms. A share is when your living with a stranger in a two bedroom apartment. You share the common areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

You don’t always have a say so in where your being placed unless your willing to wait in the shelter for another year.

There’s an interview process for everyone renting even supportive housing, a credit check and background check is done to everyone renting.

I’m screwed royally. I completely fucked up my life and my choices. I don’t have the freedom to complain. I have to bite the bullet and pray I even get a group home or live in scattered housing where it’s private rooms with case managers who come check on you.

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