The housing specialist

There are four housing specialist who start their day at 8am. They can usually be found in the bubble, or in the social services office. It’s their job to maintain the housing list, and keep track of any new things that maybe going on with voucher or if there’s any new programs that get added to the assortment of choices for housing opportunities.

Once a month there’s a housing meeting in the cafeteria, where flyers are handed out about housing vouchers, and housing opportunities if your housing ready, meaning have a steady income profile, and both vouchers in place; your 2010e and cityfeheps. They usually have information about New York housing connect, and a story about some one who has moved out recently into a brand new apartment or a share.

Placement is usually in the Bronx, Staten Island, or Brooklyn, unless you are housing ready and havent exceeded your time in the shelter, you can decline an apartment, but you may get transferred to another shelter, and put on a waiting list for an apartment in the borough you request. You may have to to wait a year. Sometimes you don’t get transferred it all depends on your psychosocial.

The housing specialist have the hardest job of the shelter with having to deal with placement. They inspect apartments that are about to be rented by a client of the shelter. They prep you before your appointment with a landlord, for the question portion or your interview, what to say and what not to say. But most of the time a background check is done on prospects for a brand new apartment. You have to able to make the rent. This is where the cityfeheps voucher comes to play. Rent is 35% of your income. So If your recieving ssi, you have to able to cough up $125 dollars a month.

When you score a brand new apartment they make you buy a air mattress so you have something to sleep on. Brad new apartments come unfurnished. Alot of the time they are walk up apartments. Theres no alot of new buildings, but if your lucky enough to get into a new building with an elevator, more power to you.

Cityfeheps is good for 5 years, then it renews itself. Sometimes with new buildings, and a just a Cityfeheps voucher, you get invited to apply for for section 8 for your apartment. With just cityfehps your guaranteed to have a rent increase in a years time. This is why they push for you to have a 2010e in place also. It stablizes your rent.

I have witness a few woman move out to their own apartments, from brand new buildings, to brand new apartments. Some shares. The housing specialist will even keep and email address for you and a password and apply on New York housing connect for you when the time comes to start applying for apartments. It all depends on what your income is. I have yet to hear someone get an apartment from New York housing connect. the waiting list is long for New York housing connect. They maintain supportive housing opportunities also, that goes by your psychosocial. The last on the list is group homes.

You don’t need an appointment to see a housing specialist, you can just ask Craig to see if one of them are in the office. They maintain one shot deal, and will schedule you for a van request when the time is approatiate to apply for one shot deal with HRA.

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