Social services

Living in a shelter you have to see social services once a week. Appointments can range from 8am in the morning or 8pm at night. The social services office closes at 9pm at Susans place. Before quarantine, I was seeing my case manager, Ingrid, every week on Tuesdays at 6pm. Im reminded on the weekend when I “get mail” from the PA’s that come around to make sure we get our appointment slip. They can usually find me in the dorm on a Saturday. You have to sign for your appointment.

Its the case managers job to keep your psychosocial up to date in the computer program they use for housing and keeping your income profile up to date. They have a file room with big trapper keeper like binders with files on everyone who lives at the shelter. A copy of your identification down to your birth certificate is kept on file, and once a month you have to sign for your ILP which is your independent living plan. The appointment can take up to an hour, while they go over your case, and make sure you have your entitlements in place, and make sure you are going to your appointments if you should have any inside and outside the shelter.

Because alot of the woman are rehiblitating, there are flyers posted about going to anger management group, and also how to get in contact with Ms. smith about van requests and if you have any addictions.

Its a process. The case managers are never on time, and you have to just sit and wait. Craig leaves at 5pm. He usually intercoms the case manager at her desk when your waiting to be seen. After 5pm you have to knock on the door so someone will go find your case manager and let her know your waiting for her. You still have to sign on the clip board your name and your case managers name for them to keep track of who’s been in the office.

Ingrid is nice, she does her job for me. But I have nothing to share to update my status of the week. Its usually, “what did you do this week” and I explain to her that I do the same thing everyday, try and find a place to sit down and wait for lunch and dinner. “Did you go to any group or do any activities” The answer is always no. I did yoga once, and participated in arts and crafts, but thats about it. I also went to a healthy relationship work shop and anger management once. But for 45 minutes with a bunch of woman who don’t speak English too well or not at all I rather keep my distance and entertain myself.

Your psychosocial is for your 2010e. A 2010e is for supportive housing, which has case managers on site at the development if you are placed in supportive housing. The case manager also checks your dorm every so often to make sure your living up to standards. Your locker is clean and your bed is made.

Sometimes we get into small talk about plans of moving and what to expect, and going to speak to the housing specialist. Which I did. They have me down for a shared apartment. But I don’t know if Im going to be eligible for any apartment. I asked what happens if your credit score is bad, I found out your placed In supportive housing or a group home.

Ingrid wanted m to see the credit advisor, which I have previously done. Theres nothing he can do for me, like remove blemishes off my credit score. My credit is ruined, Im so far in debt its not even sad.

While at the hotel, they still set up shop for social services on the ground floor hotel rooms. They turned the rooms into offices. So once a week on Tuesday at 11:30am I see Ms. Vargas. Theres nothing to update, I just signed my ILP, and she asks if I had any appointments outside of the hotel.

When I get back to Susans place, once a month Im going to have to go to social security to get a copy of my award letter for my income profile for Ingrid to keep. Im not looking forward to waiting for the van at 8am in the morning, and waiting for Ms.Smith to get it together. Her assistant Marny is quicker and retrieving everyone waiting to get on the van.

But its like, how much more information do they need from me. They have my blood sweat and tears already. Theres nothing to update. I don’t know why it takes an hour for her to put this information into the computer. But it does. Then I go back to my dorm and get ready for a shower, and settle in for the night.

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