Recreational time

Sometimes, Ms.Mecca, the activities coordinator will put on a movie in the living room and hand out snacks like potato chips and pint size water bottles. You have to sign your name on the attendee list. The shelter has netflix on the smart tv. And she will choose a movie for everyone to watch to break the monotony of watching law and order reruns.

But its a movie of her choosing. And she has security turn the lights off, so everybody can enjoy the movie. Its usually around 2pm when this happens, and its usually about once a month. If you have a movie to share there’s a DVD player. Once a woman who owns a portable DVD player shared the movie Shaft. It was a bootleg copy, but played in the DVD player.

Theres always someone trying to make the day go smooth at the shelter. If its not with groups its watching a movie. Not alot of people have portable dvd payers or movies to share. Everyone pretty much just watches what’s on tv at the moment. The usual line up is the ion channel or ID. I think I pretty much have seen every law and order episode from previous seasons, that when. I finally got Hulu the first thing I did was watch the newer episodes and Empire.

I usually stay for the snack and bottled water and don’t ever sit to finish watching the movie because sometimes Ruby comes back early from her program, and w go out for a cup of coffee and a cig, where she tells me the line up for the day. Who was taken by ambulance in the morning if something happened at breakfast, and regular gossip from woman she doesnt know the names to. Her descriptions are always faded, but I just listen to her story and enjoy the break in monatny.

My personal recreational time is listening to Rubys stories. Like how at night when everybody I asleep she masturbates under the blanket. Or how she gets up at 4am and smokes a cigarette in the shower, and talks to Fenisha in the bathroom early morning. I can’t conceive of getting up that early. Ruby tend to repeat her stories and adds or subtracts details to the story she’s telling, but I enjoy it anyway. Its someone to listen to.

I kill alot of time hanging out with Ruby, who I have grown to adore. Even though she’s slow. We go out to eat together. She treats me to Taco Bell or the Chinese buffet when I didn’t have any money. Or I go with her shopping at rainbow and help her pick out shoes and an an outfit for church. We have a good time together.

She’s obsessed with Micheal Jackson and I will catch her with her phone and ear buds streaming Micheal Jackson videos from YouTube or listening to the oldies on pandora. She’s in constant communication with her daughter Shatika, and some Saturdays Ruby has plans with her daughter to go shopping with her daughter, which is usually the first of the month when Ruby first gets her check from ssi.

Recreational time isn’t that bad at the shelter, it gives for something different to watch on tv, and passes the time of the boredom. I only wonder what Mecca has planned for when the shelter reopens.

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