Being transferred to the stadium shelter

Sometimes woman get transferred to the stadium shelter. Theres no reason why your being transferred, your just transferred, and you have to pack up your belongings and your driven to a shelter thats in an abandoned hotel. The shelter is by Yankee stadium. Is one of the worst shelters, and I don’t even know why.

The woman including myself, are terrified to be notified that you maybe transferred. But from what I hear its because of all the fighting that goes on in the shelter. At Susans place there’s not many fights, that are fist fights. A lot of arguing goes on though about the television or skipping the line at lunch or dinner.

I passed the stadium shelter one time in the van going to an HRA appointment. I had gotten 2 payments in one month for snap, and I want to find out why I didn’t get my snap for the month. So I had to wait until the next month for it to be calibrated.

The shelter is a hole in the ground. With a battered building, and more of nothing around. The only reason I havent been transferred is because I need medication that has to be administered introvenously in the muscle in my arm.

But I feel bad for those woman who have been transferred. Theres no dorms, its an open auditorium with 200 beds. Its a change of pace from being at Susan place. Its not near the bus, its on a hill, and there’s nothing around not even a corner store.

At least on 176th and Jerome ave, we have a grocery store. But its not like we can use the kitchen to cook a meal, but you can buy a soup bowl and use the microwave, which alot of the woman do. Once, Jennifer, who got transferred, to a different shelter all together, made tacos in the microwave. She bought chopped meat, and cooked it with the taco package seasoning. It took forever but she was able to have herself some tacos.

I can’t say I like living the shelter, but at least Susans place is clean and they have everything worked out for the best. Its better then Franklyn where there was no wifi and you had to sit on the drill floor in bucket chairs, and just wait.

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