Social Media

Social media is big at the shelter. Alot of the woman are on badoo, tagged and hi 5. Alot of the woman have Metro PCS or boost mobile and they have android phones. Alot of the woman are on the phone all day also, through eating lunch, and afterwords. Theirs woman outside taking pictures with their phones and updating their social media like Facebook and instagram as well.

Most of the woman have a connection to the outside world, where as Im fishing for a connection to someone. I have no one I can count on to take me through the day. I get little text messages from Abdul or Mike to see how Im doing, but I don’t have anyone to talk to all day. So Im on dating sites to find a friend. Its lonely.

I play around with the zip code settings and talk to men in Virgina or Washington DC. But there’s always someone who wants to meet up, and Im not down for that. Adbul just showed up one day, because there’s an African supermarket up the block from the shelter where he buys some of his food from, and he had to go to the supermarket. He had texted me on my safe link phone to come outside and meet him.

And Mike knew where the shelter was and decide to walk from his sister house and meet me one day. We went to the little park and smoke a cigarette together. It was right before lunch time. He was in between jobs at that current time. We didn’t talk about much, he told me that he was in the army for 4 years and he lived in Germany. He wasn’t receiving any government benefits and he was 59 years old, no children and never been married. He lived in North Dakota and Washington before moving back to New York to live with his sister and her two children. He slept on the couch.

He had decide to put himself I the VA shelter when he wasn’t gettin along well with his sister. They where arguing about food and his lack of having a job, he couldn’t get the foods he wanted from the store. He ended up working 4 jobs since meeting him, and then 3 more since recently.

He ended up getting a room through the VA, on Elder ave in the Bronx paying $900 dollars a month in rent. He stands at 5’9 and weights 175 pounds. He isn’t ugly but you can tell his age. He has beats headphones and a disconnected cell phone he uses as an MP3 player. He’s a self proclaimed computer technician, fixing old laptops and downloading movies off bit torrent on his Lenovo laptop.

Alot of the woman utilize the computer room to update Facebook, which they have on their phones but because theirs nothing to do, why not sit in the computer room. Alot of the woman keep in touch one way or another. There are alot of Agressive Dykes at the shelter. Like Nelly who has a tattoo on her face and has a dyke hair cut, kind of like a man bun. She where’s mens clothes and is loud and semi obnoxious. She’s always on her phone or in the computer room. She even had a fight with Ruby about the tv in the cafertria when all they where showing was the ID chanel. Nelly was front and center for the TV and was engrossed with the murder mystery that was on tv. She went to the bathroom and Ruby went to go ask the guard to change the channel to Law to ION where they play law and order SVU. Nelly came back and started complaining that she didn’t want the channel changed and ask who changed the channel, Ruby Sid she did, and Nelly got in Rubys face, They got in fighting position, and Nelly popped Ruby on the lip. DHS came and broke up the fight. Ruby just went out side to smoke a cigarette. Nelly is a bully for the cafertria television she loves the ID channel and will argue not to have the channel changed.

There are alot of woman who take their time in the morning and do their hair and makeup so they can take pictures and update their public. The hallway always smells of different scents of body spray and perfume. They take pictures outside and post on social media the coming attractions.

Theres a group of woman who have their set routine and have a wireless speaker and connect their phones to the speaker, and there always music playing in the cafeteria. Its annoying, because if its not the speaker its someone playing music out their phone speaker.

Theres woman who have made friends with men and go to meet them in the little park across the street from the shelter so they can smoke up and drink. I witness it. When I had nothing but a legal pad I would sit at one of the checker monument tables in the little park and write before it got to cold outside.

Now its summer time, and we are in quarintine. The woman have all spread out from the hotel, and sit at the central park benches. Their are new cliques with the Spanish speaking population because everyone has been separated. Because we can eat in our rooms, alot of the woman are going to the deli’s that are near by and buying snacks to enjoy in their rooms. I walk to the gourmet deli on broadway and buy Macaroni salad or crab meat salad, gourmet cupcakes and cookies, slices of cake and Tates chocolate chip cookies. I have a big sweet tooth.

I find ways to kill the boredom, and as I gear up to start a novel I research apartment listings and room rentals anyway. Just maybe I will have some good luck and find a SRO or a room for bad credit. You never know in New York City. I have to try.

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