Section 8

100 gold street. The application process is closed in the city. The only way yours getting section 8 is by invititation. There have been a few woman at the shelter who where able to score a voucher with section 8. They had to down to gold street and deal with the section 8 office. If you don’t have a 2010e and just city feheps or Sota your voucher may turn into a section 8 voucher if your renting an apartment after 1 year. It all depends on the landlord.

Im not eligibale for section 8. You have to be working to get an invitation. Theres one woman who was working as front desk reception for a government building living at the shelter. She got her section 8 voucher, and moved into a one bedroom in Staten Island.

When you move with the system, the van takes you to your location when you move. You can’t have more then one suitecase or three bags in your locker, or you have to pay for storage. Welfare will cut the difference for storage fees if you have too much stuff. A few woman are paying for storage with welfare, and a few are on the waiting list for SOTA, which pays your rent for a year, then your on your own with the rent. You still have to apply for one shot deal which pays your deposit for the apartment.

You can’t be in supportive housing with section 8. Supportive housing is for substance abuse or mental illness. Theres case managers on site to help you with weekly tasks and to see if your ok with everything. Im not really sure what the job of a case manager is in supportive housing. But with a 2010e your rent can’t exceed $125 a month.

Section 8 is opened outside of New York City. If you get a travel voucher you live in the dwelling for a year then you cn move back to New York City in a section 8 building or where ever section 8 is allowed. Alot of the time people move out of New York City and move upstate for section 8 for a year and then come back to New York. Thats what I was going to do, so I thought. But when you fill out the application on line they let you know by letter what your applicable for. I was applicable for public housing.

The shelter doesnt take care of pubic housing applications, they do take care of New York housing connect though and will help you maintain a profile on the website. I have yet to hear of anyone moving into a New York housing connect apartment, which are brand new apartments all over the city. You can rent with an income from SSI if your applicable. The wait time for an apartment is about 2 years on New York housing connect. You have to keep your income up to date like NYCHA.

Public housing is very difficult to assertain in New York City. The application process is done online and if there are any changes to your income for working individuals you have to keep them notified. you have to have a credit score of 700 to get an apartment. I don’t know what the credit score for New York housing connect is, but they are brand new apartments, Im sure you have to be applicable to move into a brand new apartment.

There are woman who put themselves in the shelter for a chance to get an invitation to section 8. They have places to go. Alot of the woman are married, and have left their husbands to get section 8. They maintain their relationship by phone and visitation. Its difficult to get an invitation for section 8 also. I don’t know why the process is for getting excepted for an invite to apply for section 8, but there hasn’t been too many woman who have come up off getting an invite.

Theres project redesign which puts you in contact with family. DHS has to approve the cost of the move and they pay your family member rent so you can sleep on the couch. You can’t get section 8 for that program.

Section 8 has been closed in the city for over 25 years, the wait list is full from my understanding. We have housing meetings once a month in the cafeteria, where they basically repeat themselves of all the housing options they have to offer. The housing specialists really try to push New York housing connect or SOTA. SOTA is an easier move out, because the income is already provided for with the program. But there’s not alot of woman working. Almost everybody is on SSI and SDD or a pension plan.

Alot of the woman are middled aged, with families and ex spouses or spouses who they have left behind so they can get their own place. The apartment search is like the lottery. You don’t get to pick where you want to live, unless your willing to stay in the shelter for 4 years. Neicey turned down an apartment in the Bronx because she wants to move to Far rockaway queens to be closer to her daughter. So she’s on a waiting list for an apartment in queens.

The section 8 program is for private land lords to rent apartments and homes at fair market rates to qualify low income tenants a rental subsidy. Alot of the woman find it easier to be low income so they can rent rooms, and live off the cityfeheps voucher. Not alot of woman have side hustles being on SSI, just Yvonne who still hasn’t paid me back my $30. She western unions money to her daughter in Arkansa once she gets paid from SSI, and alot of her money goes to transportation to her cleaning gigs around the the city. She has traveled as far as Brooklyn for one of her Handy jobs. And she has to keep her own cleaning supplies. She’s broke by the second week of pay day, she left the shelter on her own to rent a room but couldn’t keep up with the rent. I told her to just let the system work its self out for her. She needs the voucher to cut the cost of rent. She’s back in another shelter.

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